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PO Box 43419

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Mon-Fri, 10am - 4pm

Shell White 10" Taper Candles, Set of 12


Each hand dipped taper candle is dipped over 20 times by a dedicated craftsperson at Mole Hollow Candles, using a technique that has been in place since their founding in 1969. This technique, combined with their proprietary blend of waxes, is what creates the unique Spun Finish - a distinct linen-like visual texture - on each taper.

Each standard size taper candle is dripless and smokeless when burned under normal conditions. 

The 10 inch taper candles are wonderful for special occasions, lending a simple elegance to any room. We love to mix colored tapers with our array of wood candle holders for an eye-catching centerpiece or display. 

⅞" diameter tapers should fit any standard sized candleholder. If you need a little extra security, try our sticky wax.


+ 10" taper candles

+ ⅞" DIA

+ Solid color throughout

+ Burn time: 8 hours (per candle)

+ 6-pair box (12 total)