About lostine

Welcome Home

Lostine is an independent lighting and home decor company focused on creating a warm American Modern experience. Our products are designed and fabricated in our Philadelphia studio, from sketchbook to shipping, everything happens here. We carefully craft our pieces with the intention to offer objects of honest beauty, and our inspiration is sparked by a desire to create and live with beautiful things.



Meet the Owners

Lostine was founded by artists Robert Ogden and Natalie Page. The husband and wife duo live and work together in Philadelphia, both sitting at the helm of Lostine, as well as their own lighting companies, RTO Lighting and NPage Studio.

Our Sister Companies

Lostine shares a workshop, warehouse, showroom and studio with sister companies RTO Lighting and NPage Studio, located at the Arena Arts building in Philadelphia. All three companies collaborate on collections for Lostine, and beyond!



RTO Lighting

Robert starting making lamps twenty years ago with a self-taught background in metalworking, and a playful consideration for how a lamp should function. Today he continues to design innovative lighting by combining practical mechanics, the inherent qualities of his materials, and the essence of light.


NPage Studio

Natalie Page is an artist whose work includes ceramic lighting, tile, decorative art, painting and product design. NPage Studio designs and produces her lighting and select creative projects. The Ceramic Funnel Light Series is her most known body of work, with groupings of these white gloss pendant lights being her signature.