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Italian Rose Marble BookendsItalian Rose Marble Bookends
Fat Lava bowlFat Lava bowl
VintageFat Lava bowl
Sale price$345.00
Scheurich-Keramik Faceted VaseScheurich-Keramik Faceted Vase
Lava Glaze Studio Pottery VesselLava Glaze Studio Pottery Vessel
Mobach Tall Textured VaseMobach Tall Textured Vase
Mobach Tall Red VaseMobach Tall Red Vase
VintageMobach Tall Red Vase
Sale price$595.00
West German Vase with Red StripeWest German Vase with Red Stripe
West German Tall Vase
VintageWest German Tall Vase
Sale price$400.00
Atmospheric VaseAtmospheric Vase
VintageAtmospheric Vase
Sale price$425.00
Terracotta Heavyweight VaseTerracotta Heavyweight Vase
Handthrown Large Vase - A. MonleauHandthrown Large Vase - A. Monleau
Handthrown Bud Vase - A. MonleauHandthrown Bud Vase - A. Monleau
Glass JarsGlass Jars
VintageGlass Jars
Sale priceFrom $135.00
Large Wooden Mortar + PestleLarge Wooden Mortar + Pestle
Black Stone VesselsBlack Stone Vessels
VintageBlack Stone Vessels
Sale price$165.00
Small White Clay PotsSmall White Clay Pots
VintageSmall White Clay Pots
Sale price$125.00
Papier Mâché VesselsPapier Mâché Vessels
Leo Marble BookendsLeo Marble Bookends
LostineLeo Marble Bookends
Sale price$450.00