Natalie Page

Artist and ceramicist Natalie Page is the creative mind and Principal Designer behind NPage Studio and the Co-Owner of Lostine. Natalie started her artistic journey in university, where an introductory ceramics class sparked a life-long passion for the medium that continues to inform her design process today. For both NPage Studio and Lostine, she applies an instinctual approach to her lighting and homeware designs, creating objects that balance beauty and utility while transforming everyday spaces into remarkable and delightful environments. 

Prior to embarking on her eponymous brand, Natalie owned and operated lifestyle boutiques where she cultivated her reverence for things of beauty and practicality. Today, she calls upon her keen and attentive eye to create minimal designs with subtlety and thoughtful details. Functioning as an artist's studio, her works for NPage Studio are developed by hand from clay. Natalie’s process is driven by curiosity and the excitement of creation which manifest themselves in her ceramic designs that embrace the beauty of imperfection. With subtle hand markings embedded on the surface, they instill a personal connection between artist and client.  

Alongside her husband and creative counterpart, Robert Ogden, she also designs lighting and homewares for Lostine. Together, Natalie and Robert blend their creative visions and playfully mix materials to create modern, versatile fixtures that bring warmth to interiors across a wide range of projects. In addition to a passion for creating, the Philadelphia-based couple share a love for exploring the world through design. With personal travel often evolving into antiquing excursions, Natalie and Robert go off the beaten path to find treasures for Lostine and their personal collections with her favorite finds recently hailing from Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. 

Robert Ogden

Robert Ogden is the creative visionary and Principal Designer behind RTO Lighting and Co-Owner of Lostine. Robert designs collectible and lasting heirloom pieces that create an elevated design moment in any space with captivating details and striking forms. His innovative designs are achieved by combining practical mechanics with an adaptable approach led by the inherent qualities of his materials and the essence of light. 

Since his childhood in New Orleans, Robert enjoyed finding and collecting unique objects and reworking them into functional objets d’art. With an insatiable curiosity and an eye for utility, Robert’s autodidactic approach is a well of endless creativity. His long-time practice of finding and repurposing objects evolved from a passion project into a deeper interest in how decorative lighting has the power to transform a space. Robert established his Philadelphia-based design studio RTO Lighting in 2014 to bring what he calls “couture lighting” to the market, offering intricately made fixtures with unmatched attention to detail handmade by a talented group of artisans.

His ongoing quest for inspiring objects led Robert to antiquing across the country where he met his wife and creative counterpart, Natalie Page. Together the couple are the Co-Owners of Lostine, the product design studio and marketplace offering American modern lighting and homewares collaboratively designed by the husband-and wife duo as well as Robert’s independent designs for RTO Lighting. The couple’s shared passion for discovery is furthered by design-led travels during which they scour antique shops around the world for vintage pieces to sell through Lostine and objects that spark inspiration for Robert’s future designs.