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Supper Still LifeSupper Still Life
Emma BrownSupper Still Life
Sale price$725.00
Woman with Pet #3Woman with Pet #3
Stewart RossWoman with Pet #3
Sale price$1,400.00
Studio Still Life with PetStudio Still Life with Pet
Landscape Watercolor in CoralLandscape Watercolor in Coral
Spring Abundance IISpring Abundance II
Pastel PicnicPastel Picnic
Emma BrownPastel Picnic
Sale price$675.00
Flower VIFlower VI
Alex BrownFlower VI
Sale price$1,225.00
1972 Abstract Drawing I1972 Abstract Drawing I
Lemons & Vase Still LifeLemons & Vase Still Life
1972 Abstract Drawing III1972 Abstract Drawing III
4 Vases Still Life4 Vases Still Life
Stewart Ross4 Vases Still Life
Sale price$1,200.00
Flower VFlower V
Alex BrownFlower V
Sale price$1,225.00
1972 Abstract Drawing II1972 Abstract Drawing II
Figure Study in CharcoalFigure Study in Charcoal
Woman with Fish #2Woman with Fish #2
Stewart RossWoman with Fish #2
Sale price$1,800.00
Reclining Female FormReclining Female Form
Black Ink LandscapesBlack Ink Landscapes
UnknownBlack Ink Landscapes
Sale price$1,200.00
Abstract Series 3Abstract Series 3
Ruben D. S.Abstract Series 3
Sale price$1,100.00
Flower IFlower I
Alex BrownFlower I
Sale price$850.00
Blue Ink Drawing 3Blue Ink Drawing 3
Village SunriseVillage Sunrise
Emma BrownVillage Sunrise
Sale price$395.00 Regular price$550.00
The RuinsThe Ruins
Emma BrownThe Ruins
Sale price$395.00 Regular price$550.00
Manayunk CanalManayunk Canal
Emma BrownManayunk Canal
Sale price$485.00 Regular price$650.00
Emma BrownStables
Sale price$485.00 Regular price$600.00
Portrait 13 by Judy HennPortrait 13 by Judy Henn
Portrait 12 by Judy HennPortrait 12 by Judy Henn
Portrait 10 by Judy HennPortrait 10 by Judy Henn
Portrait 9 by Judy HennPortrait 9 by Judy Henn
Portrait 8 by Judy HennPortrait 8 by Judy Henn
First Day As SwissFirst Day As Swiss
Judy HennFirst Day As Swiss
Sale price$235.00
First Day FishingFirst Day Fishing
Judy HennFirst Day Fishing
Sale price$235.00
First Day with ShellFirst Day with Shell
Watercolor PortraitWatercolor Portrait
UnknownWatercolor Portrait
Sale price$450.00
Costa RicaCosta Rica
Wayne CunninghamCosta Rica
Sale price$650.00
Wayne CunninghamColorado
Sale price$550.00
Wayne CunninghamCinnamon
Sale price$650.00
"In the City""In the City"
Stephen Heigh"In the City"
Sale price$800.00
"Life in the Brush""Life in the Brush"
Stephen Heigh"Independence"
Sale price$450.00
"If I Had Wings""If I Had Wings"
Wayne Cunningham: Series IIWayne Cunningham: Series II
Wayne Cunningham: Series IWayne Cunningham: Series I
Portrait 5 by Judy HennPortrait 5 by Judy Henn
"Aquatic Music""Aquatic Music"
Stephen Heigh"Aquatic Music"
Sale price$850.00
"Home By The River""Home By The River"
"Sailboats Sunset""Sailboats Sunset"
Summer BouquetSummer Bouquet
Stewart RossSummer Bouquet
Sale price$1,400.00
"Abstraction Satisfaction""Abstraction Satisfaction"