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Green Ceramic Notch Top VaseGreen Ceramic Notch Top Vase
White Ceramic Object IWhite Ceramic Object I
Round Burlwood Tripod TableRound Burlwood Tripod Table
Woven Leather StoolWoven Leather Stool
VintageWoven Leather Stool
Sale price$895.00
Black Homespun Linen Sample
First Day With SunflowerFirst Day With Sunflower
"Trees At Night" by Stephen Heigh"Trees At Night" by Stephen Heigh
Two Figures LottoTwo Figures Lotto
Abstract PerspectiveAbstract Perspective
Black Ink Drawing 2Black Ink Drawing 2
Black Ink Drawing 1Black Ink Drawing 1
First Day PoppiesFirst Day Poppies
Judy HennFirst Day Poppies
Sale price$235.00
First Day As A SunflowerFirst Day As A Sunflower
First Day With GullsFirst Day With Gulls
First Day In SpaceFirst Day In Space
Judy HennFirst Day In Space
Sale price$235.00
First Day As A SailorFirst Day As A Sailor
Olive Tumblers - Set of 6Olive Tumblers - Set of 6
Smoke Tumblers - Set of 6Smoke Tumblers - Set of 6
Round Bottom Glass Decanter - OliveRound Bottom Glass Decanter - Olive
Round Bottom Glass Decanter - SmokeRound Bottom Glass Decanter - Smoke
Cubist Board - LongCubist Board - Long
LostineCubist Board - Long
Sale price$275.00
Cubist Board - SquareCubist Board - Square
LostineCubist Board - Square
Sale price$325.00
Cubist Board - SmallCubist Board - Small
LostineCubist Board - Small
Sale price$225.00
Ladsun Lambswool Block PillowLadsun Lambswool Block Pillow
Chipperfield Lambswool Block ThrowChipperfield Lambswool Block Throw
Ladsun Lambswool Block ThrowLadsun Lambswool Block Throw
Seal Lambswool Stölzl ThrowSeal Lambswool Stölzl Throw
Tall Wooden SculptureTall Wooden Sculpture
VintageTall Wooden Sculpture
Sale price$425.00
Makun Pillow - Patchwork Elm BarkMakun Pillow - Patchwork Elm Bark
Makun Lumbar Pillow - Elm Bark and OatmealMakun Lumbar Pillow - Elm Bark and Oatmeal
Mid-Century Conant Ball Chairs - Set of 6Mid-Century Conant Ball Chairs - Set of 6
Mid-Century Blonde Dining Chairs - Set of 6Mid-Century Blonde Dining Chairs - Set of 6
1940s Striped Sectional Bench Set1940s Striped Sectional Bench Set
Annika Table by Bruno MathssonAnnika Table by Bruno Mathsson
Danish Oak Cabinets by BerntDanish Oak Cabinets by Bernt
Deniz Turkish Wool RugDeniz Turkish Wool Rug
VintageDeniz Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,400.00
Isra Turkish Wool RugIsra Turkish Wool Rug
VintageIsra Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,400.00
Alanya Turkish Wool RugAlanya Turkish Wool Rug
VintageAlanya Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,250.00
Mehmet Turkish Wool RugMehmet Turkish Wool Rug
VintageMehmet Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,250.00
Aslan Turkish Wool RugAslan Turkish Wool Rug
VintageAslan Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,250.00
Yuva Turkish Kilim RugYuva Turkish Kilim Rug
Concrete Mushroom ObjectsConcrete Mushroom Objects
Woman with Her PetWoman with Her Pet
Stewart RossWoman with Her Pet
Sale price$1,800.00
Dilara Lumbar PillowDilara Lumbar Pillow
VintageDilara Lumbar Pillow
Sale price$135.00
Emira Lumbar PillowEmira Lumbar Pillow
VintageEmira Lumbar Pillow
Sale price$135.00
Esra Lumbar PillowEsra Lumbar Pillow
VintageEsra Lumbar Pillow
Sale price$135.00
Lunara PillowLunara Pillow
VintageLunara Pillow
Sale price$145.00
Lina PillowLina Pillow
VintageLina Pillow
Sale price$145.00