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Papier Mâché VesselsPapier Mâché Vessels
Small Wood JarsSmall Wood Jars
VintageSmall Wood Jars
Sale price$88.00
Leo Marble BookendsLeo Marble Bookends
LostineLeo Marble Bookends
Sale price$450.00
Large Wood MortarsLarge Wood Mortars
VintageLarge Wood Mortars
Sale price$300.00
Low Ceramic BowlLow Ceramic Bowl
NPage StudioLow Ceramic Bowl
Sale price$450.00
"Conflict" by Gerald Payne Rowles"Conflict" by Gerald Payne Rowles
Apple & Pear Still LifeApple & Pear Still Life
Milfred S. GehmanApple & Pear Still Life
Sale price$425.00 Regular price$650.00
Ceramic Lady VesselsCeramic Lady Vessels
Dansk Teak Salad BowlDansk Teak Salad Bowl
VintageDansk Teak Salad Bowl
Sale price$250.00
Sold out
Art Shop, 1972Art Shop, 1972
W.S. WattArt Shop, 1972
Sale price$1,200.00
Soldier & Pots WatercolorSoldier & Pots Watercolor
VintageSoldier & Pots Watercolor
Sale price$195.00 Regular price$250.00
Still Life with FruitStill Life with Fruit
Copper VesselsCopper Vessels
Robert OgdenCopper Vessels
Sale priceFrom $200.00
Blue Sky with Yellow FruitBlue Sky with Yellow Fruit
Periwinkle with BranchesPeriwinkle with Branches
Super Abstract OilSuper Abstract Oil
VintageSuper Abstract Oil
Sale price$1,400.00
Abstract #47Abstract #47
Stewart RossAbstract #47
Sale price$1,600.00
Rooftop PartyRooftop Party
Stewart RossRooftop Party
Sale price$2,400.00
Triangle Vase with FlowersTriangle Vase with Flowers
Stewart RossTriangle Vase with Flowers
Sale price$1,120.00 Regular price$1,400.00
Daffodils in a VaseDaffodils in a Vase
Nancy Van MeterDaffodils in a Vase
Sale price$495.00 Regular price$750.00
Still Life with PitcherStill Life with Pitcher
3 Figures Watercolor3 Figures Watercolor
Vintage3 Figures Watercolor
Sale price$850.00
Hassan's Store, 1987Hassan's Store, 1987
BassHassan's Store, 1987
Sale price$495.00 Regular price$650.00
Rowing on the RiverRowing on the River
VintageRowing on the River
Sale price$850.00
Street StrollStreet Stroll
WimboughlyStreet Stroll
Sale price$1,450.00
Pasture CottagePasture Cottage
Sven PerssonPasture Cottage
Sale price$1,490.00
Nature Rocks, 1951Nature Rocks, 1951
CederbergNature Rocks, 1951
Sale price$2,150.00
Erik Raadal"Limfjorden"
Sale price$2,400.00
Jordi Curós"Llafranc"
Sale price$1,200.00
Gallery ViewGallery View
Stewart RossGallery View
Sale price$1,800.00
Cat with LeavesCat with Leaves
Stewart RossCat with Leaves
Sale price$1,120.00 Regular price$1,400.00
Flowers, Fruit + Book Still Life, 1967Flowers, Fruit + Book Still Life, 1967
Eyvind OlesonFlowers, Fruit + Book Still Life, 1967
Sale price$395.00 Regular price$600.00
Framed oil painting of orange and red abstract forms floating across a blue and grey backgroundFramed oil painting of orange and red abstract forms floating across a blue and grey background
Martin RosenthalOrange Abstract
Sale price$600.00 Regular price$1,200.00
Still Life with Red FlowersStill Life with Red Flowers
VintageStill Life with Red Flowers
Sale price$325.00 Regular price$400.00
Vanity Bottles Collage PaintingVanity Bottles Collage Painting
J. RosnerVanity Bottles Collage Painting
Sale price$395.00 Regular price$550.00
Birdseye Maple BookendsBirdseye Maple Bookends
Concrete Mushroom ObjectsConcrete Mushroom Objects
Reclining Figure SculptureReclining Figure Sculpture
Isra Turkish Wool RugIsra Turkish Wool Rug
VintageIsra Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,400.00
Deniz Turkish Wool RugDeniz Turkish Wool Rug
VintageDeniz Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,400.00
Alanya Turkish Wool RugAlanya Turkish Wool Rug
VintageAlanya Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,250.00
Mehmet Turkish Wool RugMehmet Turkish Wool Rug
VintageMehmet Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,250.00
Aslan Turkish Wool RugAslan Turkish Wool Rug
VintageAslan Turkish Wool Rug
Sale price$1,250.00
Yuva Turkish Kilim RugYuva Turkish Kilim Rug
Dilara Lumbar PillowDilara Lumbar Pillow
VintageDilara Lumbar Pillow
Sale price$135.00
Sold out
Sengul Lumbar PillowSengul Lumbar Pillow
VintageSengul Lumbar Pillow
Sale price$135.00
Emira Lumbar PillowEmira Lumbar Pillow
VintageEmira Lumbar Pillow
Sale price$135.00
Esra Lumbar PillowEsra Lumbar Pillow
VintageEsra Lumbar Pillow
Sale price$135.00