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PO Box 43419

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Salt Smoke Time


SALT SMOKE TIME is an exploration of our connection to the natural world around us by exploring the ideas of self-reliance, sustainability, and seasonality, readers will learn the importance of preserving American stories and food traditions. Based on the homesteading and survivalist traditions passed down by our ancestors, the recipes and techniques found here will revive practices of self-reliance that once again find importance in the modern day household. Executive chef and owner of New York City's highly acclaimed Duck Eatery and the recently opened Harry & Idas, Will Horowitz is also an avid forager, fisherman, and naturalist. In SALT SMOKE TIME he teaches readers a variety of homesteading techniques, along with tips on wild medicine and foraging. Complete with how-to illustrations inspired by vintage Boy Scout and Field Guides and gorgeous photography, SALT SMOKE TIME will encompass a nostalgic, light-hearted feeling, but also serve as a functioning step-by-step guide. Readers will be introduced to preservation practices and pantry items with techniques for curing & brining, cold smoking, canning, pickling, and dehydrated foods. He will then provide an in-depth understanding of milk products, fishing, trapping seafood, hunting, butchering meat, cooking whole animals, foraging, and harvesting. Will shows you how to make his signature Jerky among other recipes, including: Smoked Tomato and Black Cardamom Jam, Fermented Corn on the Cob with Duck Liver Butter, North Fork Clam Bake, Preserved Duck Breast & Mussels with Blood Orange, Will's Smoked Beef Brisket. While SALT SMOKE TIME will act as a functioning guide for heritage techniques; the ultimate goal is to show that these traditions still hold an imperative place in our modern world. By studying our roots, we begin to carve out our own path toward self-reliance.


+ Hardcover.

+ 305 pages.

+ ISBN: 978-0-06-242710-6.


+ 8.25" W

+ 10.25" L