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PO Box 43419

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm

Awbury Round Cutting Board: Thyme

SKU: 6201LT

The Awbury Round Cutting Board has a beautiful line drawing of thyme (one of our favorite plants and spices) etched into the surface.

Small: The small is the perfect plate size for a cheese and cracker assortment with plenty of room to arrange your choices and not cover the etching. 

Large: The 18" circle has a juice groove for catching liquids when carving meat or serving fish. Equally as handy when slicing open a beautifully juicy watermelon.

Made in PA of super hard maple. 

Oil often, hand wash, and dry.


Small - 13" diameter /  3/4" thick 

Large - 18" diameter /  1" thick