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3747 Ridge Ave.

Philadelphia, pa 19132

Mon-Fri, 10am - 4pm

Olly's Oval Rag Rug in Red, Orange and Green

SKU: SS22-1

This item is non-returnable.

Lostine is proud to present the work of craftsman Olly Williams. These beautiful hand made occasional rugs are made out of old suiting fabric that the Philadelphia artist collects and repurposes. Each one is slightly different. Each size is approximate and rarely perfect which just adds to how truly few of a kind and special these rugs are.

This longer shape is perfect as a runner in a small hallway. It has a melange of vintage cream, red, houndstooth, orange, and lime green.

 "I remember two rugs that graced the bare floors of our simple Missouri farm house in the 1930"s. They were made by my mother who turned worn-out wool clothing into strips and crocheted them. Soon after I retired in my 70's I saw a kit for crocheting rag rugs. The wood crochet hook reminded me of the one my mother made from a hickory buggy wheel spoke. I bought the kit and now well into my nineties I have decided to make it a family tradition"  ~ Olly Williams


+ 43" L X 28" W 


+ Dry Clean Only