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3747 Ridge Ave.

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Mon-Fri, 10am - 4pm

In Stock - Fairmount Leather Wide Oval Mirror - Tan

SKU: 6529-EX

The Fairmount Wide Oval Mirror is a hand-stitched leather mirror with a frame made from natural vegetable tanned leather which will vary in color and darken slightly with age. The mirror sits inside the frame like a pocket. It comes with an iron hand hammered screw post for hanging. Hand crafted in Pennsylvania. Installation hardware included.


+ 32¼" W x 22¼" H

+ 9 lbs


1. Mark out the spot where you wish to hang the mirror on your wall. (Note: the kit included with your mirror is for mounting directly into drywall, not a wooden stud).

2. Drill a 7/16" hole on your mark (drill bit not included).

3. Gently tap the anchor into the hole (do not remove the silver bolt from the anchor, it is used to tighten the anchor into the wall).

4. Use a traditional screwdriver to turn the anchor's bolt clockwise until you feel resistance; this signifies that the anchor has expanded and is firmly mounted. (Note: using a power drill reduces your ability to feel when the anchor is tightened properly).

5. Line up your mirror up to the anchor. Remove the anchor's silver bolt and thread in the decorative hammered bolt up to the 1" collar with the leather mirror held in between.


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