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il Buco

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In New York City, restaurants, even very good ones, come and go. But there are the very small handful of spots that take root in the city and only seem to get better with age; places that evolve at just the right pace to stay innovative yet protect their essence at all costs. Donna Lennard's Il Buco, entering its twenty-fifth year and still shaping the conversation, may top that list. In Il Buco: Stories and Recipes, written with Joshua David Stein, Donna shares the iconic recipes that helped bring ingredient-driven, producer-to-table Italian cooking to New York and the essential elements of good eating and good living she learned along the way.

With approximately 100 recipes and 150 lush photos, the book will include the beloved best-of dishes from Il Buco's roster of now-famous chefs: Ignacio Mattos's Black Kale Salad, Justin Smillie's Bucatini Cacio e Pepe, and Sara Jenkins's Porchetta alla Romana, to name a few. Donna has dedicated her life to identifying, cultivating, and celebrating the essential ingredients of a beautiful life well-lived. Ask anyone who's been to Il Buco and they'll tell you, it isn't a place, it's a feeling-one of warmth, of home, of ease, and of love and Il Buco will give readers the tools to bring a bit of that magic into their own homes.

Interspersed throughout the recipes are chapters diving deep into what Donna has learned about the true essentials of eating well, and the producers in the US, Italy, and beyond who are doing incredible things with ingredients that are the building blocks to a perfect meal: salt, olive oil, wine, and salumi, among others.

Il Buco is not simply a collection of recipes for sumptuous easy meals, though it is that. It's not just an appreciation of olive oil, salt, vinegar and the benedictions of the Mediterranean kitchen, though they are many. It is a celebration of a true New York success story, a book about learning to listen to that voice inside of you, letting you know exactly who you are and just how wide and wonderful the world is.


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+ ISBN: 978-0-06-295838-9


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