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How Lostine Stays Los-Green!
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How Lostine Stays Los-Green!

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Here at Lostine, we have been thinking a lot about how to run a green company. From product design, production, and delivery, we have identified several areas where we could reduce our carbon footprint.

Much of the world’s pollution is in the form of plastic, and most of that plastic is in the form of packaging. Here are a few important (albeit pretty scary) facts about plastic pollution according to National Geographic:

  • About 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions. That’s the equivalent of 5 grocery bags of plastic trash sitting on every foot of coastline around the world.
  • 40% of plastic produced is for packaging to be used once and then thrown away.
  • Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally.

Not great

To combat our staggering environmental issues, here are a few policies we put in place to make Lostine a little greener.

lostine albert candle holders dunnage


  • When packing boxes, we primarily use something called a dunnage machine. It takes corrugated paper and crinkles it into recyclable paper padding. No foam packing peanuts required. All the protection, none of the waste!
  • Instead of using plastic tape, which is not recyclable, we use paper threaded tape. That way, when you receive your box of Lostine goodness, that box can go straight into the recycling bin.
  • We source our boxes from Springfield Paper, a box company located just 15 miles away from our warehouse. Sourcing boxes locally cuts down on emissions from delivery vehicles.

Lostine Lumber


  • For aesthetic and environmental reasons, we tend to make our goods out of natural materials. Using wood, leather, and naturally occurring metals in our products cuts down on the plastic in the world.
  • We source these natural materials from local suppliers. All our wood, metal, and leather is sourced from small, family-owned companies less than 100 miles away in our home state of Pennsylvania. According to sustainableconnections.org, sourcing materials locally generally means less fuel used on transportation, less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.

Jack Stool, Vera Mirror Collection, Broom Holder


  • Sometimes instead of designing a new product from scratch, we look at what is leftover from a product we already make. For example, our new Vera Mirror Collection was designed primarily so we could use the spare wood created when cutting Jack Stools. We use those same dropouts to make our Broom Holders as well.
  • Instead of buying specific cuts of leather, we order an entire side of leather at a time and cut the shapes we need in house. This way, we could use as much of the leather as possible, cutting down on wasted material. For example, we could use the majority of one side of leather to produce a few Fairmount Mirrors and use the leftover leather to make small items like our Roger, Jeanne, and George leather pulls.

Fairmount, Leather Pull, Ludlow Hook, Towel Ring


  • Instead of using paper work orders, we use an electronic project management app called Asana to communicate with our shop. When an order comes through, we upload it to a shared task dashboard and our Production Manager divvies up the finishing tasks among the team. 

While there is always more we can be doing, we promise to do all we can to make Lostine greener and greener. Thanks for reading and supporting environmentally friendly businesses!